Artificial Intelligence for Digital Media

Powerful AI to identify, index, search and monetize video

Video Advertising

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Visual AI Technology

A turn-key AI Solution for Publishers and Advertisers

Featuring: Object Recognition
Brand Detection
Phrase Detection
Automated Inventory Generator
Dynamic User Interfaces
Ad Aptitude Engines

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Visual AI for Publishers

A fully-automated AI solution to unlock new supply opportunities within Video and Images

One powerful ad tag seamlessly:

  • Detects and analyzes video
  • Creates NEW visual ad inventory
  • Enables interactive and shoppable video
  • Analyzes viewer engagement and trends
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Visual AI for Advertisers

Integrate your brand where viewers are already looking

Visual AI Technology zeros in on unique advertising opportunities within digital media.

Take advantage of:

  • A new Visual Demand source
  • Cross network and platform buying
  • Transparent and brand-safe ad serving
  • Highly targeted traffic
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"We partnered with WowYow because they automate the entire content monetization process for us at zero cost and had an integration process that took under 10 minutes to get started.” Latino Athlete

"Month over month WowYow has continued to generate incremental revenue for our content without compromising our user experience. It’s a win-win!” MMA The Underground

"WowYow has done a great job balancing user experience and content monetization. Their ad products yield high returns without compromising user experience. We haven’t received a single complaint.” iMedia Audiences

“In working with WowYow we have noticed the increased engagement the AI allows yielding a significantly higher share of revenue than even what YouTube's ads are able to deliver. When executed properly WowYow outperforms our YouTube revenue by an overwhelming margin.” Dread Central

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